Advanced Batteries for Land, Marine and Aerospace

EAS Power Inc.  has been supplying large format, lithium battery systems, world-wide, since 2007. We specialize in lithium cells and modules, battery management systems (BMS) and charging solutions. EAS's battery solutions offer the best performance/value ratio of any lithium battery systems on the market today. 

Whether you are looking for a DIY lithium battery kit, a large custom lithium battery pack, or a complete solution with solar and batteries,  we can help. We supply systems, components and consulting to many industries all over the world. 

Why buy from EAS? When you become our customer we will support your installation or project until completion. Nothing matters more to us than your success!

We have recently supplied batteries for the following applications: Electric bus battery modules, Off-grid solar energy storage , 12v lithium marine house battery , 12V lithium RV battery ,  lithium battery for generator replacement, Lithium battery for electric mining vehicles,